Dürr continues its success story in China

Acting as general contractor, Dürr is building a further Eco+Paintshop in Ningbo for SVW Shanghai, the joint venture between the Volkswagen Group and the Chinese SAIC Group. The new paint shop, which is designed to use a primer-free process and water-based paint, can produce up to 62 units per hour. The contract has a value of hundreds of millions of euros and was awarded in the fourth quarter of 2011. The paint shop will come into operation in August 2014 and will paint vehicles for Volkswagen and Skoda. Dürrs EcoDryScrubber, the innovative system for the dry separation of paint overspray, will once again be used in Ningbo. The company has chosen its rotating dip-coating system RoDip M for pre-treatment and electrocoating. Dürr is equipping the lines for underbody protection with four robot stations that have a total of 26 EcoRS robots and application systems for automatic seam sealing, underbody protection and sill coating. In addition, an automatic cavity flood system for rust-proofing body cavities forms part of the new plant. Before the base coat and clear coat are applied, the exterior of the bodies are cleaned with sword brushes by two EcoRS 60 robots. On each of the two lines, 32 EcoRP L133 painting robots paint the vehicle interiors and exteriors in a fully automated process. The EcoLCC linear colour changer used for the base coats significantly reduces paint wastage when the colour is changed.

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